Monday, July 23, 2012

HOW TO: Hide Status Updates From Certain People

As Facebook is all-rounder and have connected most of the people around the world. The users at the other end may be unknown to you. Sometimes you might want to show your status update only to some friends and not to all. Then there is a trick .

 Apply the setting to your face-book now:

 1. Hit "Account" option, which is found on the top right of a face-book page. 
 2. Select the options like everyone or just friends or friends of friends, etc. 
Alternatively, you can select specific friend lists to see your status (work, special interest groups, etc.) or even individual people by name, which is useful for anyone organizing a surprise party.

To take advantage of these options, click the icon just below your "what's on your mind" box on your wall and a drop down menu should appear. Selecting "customize" will bring up more options such as "make this visible to" and "hide from" with the option to make your selection a default.

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