Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to prevent someone from hacking your Facebook password

Face-book now-a-days has become more and more popular. Its popularity has made millions of businessmen earn profits and advertise on the face-book as they know there is sure profits here.

What everyone wants if he or she is a businessman , is more and more viewers and more and more profits from that. The viewers then change to likes and likes may convert into buying the product on face-book. This goes on and hence there is a possibility of anyone hacking the profile or id or password, whatever. Think of how to keep it secured and not to be available to anyone on net.

  • Remove anything that is not correct. This could mean wall posts, images, or status's.
  • If anyone harasses you on Facebook Chat, then go offline.
  • If anyone is continuously harassing you, messaging you that is inappropriate , you can remove them off your friend list . Just block them.
  • Never add any friend requests that you do not know, 
  • Don't display your year of birth. It slightly helps improve security settings and prevent identity theft.
  • If you see any inappropriate images or comments then e-mail Facebook at
  • If your child is on Facebook and are under 13, monitor them weekly to see whats happening and make sure your child has all the safety equipment on.

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