Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Facebook - Graph search - A new search engine

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook's co-founder , introduced a new version of search engine called , "Graph search".

Graph search engine is a new version of search engine which was introduced on 15th Jan, 2013. Still it is in beta mode and not live. Once it will get live it will be first seen on desktop and mobiles later on.

Now what is the difference in the regular web search and graph search. Web search is to provide the list of websites using a set of keywords. But the graph search is a way to search the friends or an individual using a set of phrases like " my friends in Texas who like music". 

How will the Graph search appear? - It will be seen as a big search bar at the top of the page. Graph search will find out for photos, people, interests, etc. If you want to search for some people or a group of people or persons who have the same interests as you do and you want to make friends with them, then this search engine in face-book will help you to find. 

To know more about how it will find out , visit the link here. 

Watch the Facebook Graph video now:

 Recent news in one of the articles written by , has nicely explained the power of Google, FB and other social networking. She also informs the power of Graph search.

Is Facebook's Search a Google killer?

What is the importance of Face-book's Graph search? As per the article by Shrel Israel, he states that more than Google it is Facebook who knows relationships with our friends and relatives and this cannot be searched in Google. 

As per latest news of face-book, an article by Tareq Ismail, says that Graph search will not be seen on Android or iPhone anytime soon. Why? If many mobile users use face-book in their phones then why not Graph search? It is mentioned in the article as to why is this not possible. It says "Graph Search for mobile would need to incorporate speech, which is a different beast altogether."

When the "Graph search" started its way, the users started thinking about what actually is the difference between the Google's search and Facebook's graph search.

It is the users who plan accordingly. What they see is the main difference. Instead of using "keywords", here we use a set of phrases which link to the keywords. Like, "my friends who like music", or "friends of friends who like tasty food", etc.

In the article, "Minyanville: Is Facebook search worth its salt?", clearly states the point.

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