Friday, February 8, 2013

4 impressive Facebook tricks that you must know

Want to impress your friends? Then these are some of the top face-book tips and tricks that really impress others.

Lets have a look below.

  • How to post status in blue color: Now this is very cool trick that can be used. When you post on your wall, it will look like a link, which will make others feel that it is some link you have posted. But if someone clicks on that then it will redirect to your profile page. To do so, type ‘@@[0:[0:1: your status]]’ in your status box without quotes and press Enter. It will look like "your status ". Now in the post when you types the above material without quotes, you can make a change like ‘@@[0:[0:1: Hello Everyone]]’. You will get the result as "Hello Everyone" .Isn't it cool!!!!!!!!!!

  • How to post blank status update: Daily you update your status with some new thoughts . If you want to play with some trick then you can post blank status. To do so, type ‘@[0:0: ]‘ without quotes and then press Enter. You will see a blank update. 
  • Keep full profile picture thumbnail:  You must have seen many times about your profile photo. The way it displays on the profile is in a cropped manner. If you want to make it full visible then you will have to set the photo in such a manner that it displays the full pic. To do so, follow the steps : 
  1. Click on the profile photo. You will see that there is an option called "Edit profile picture". Click it. You will get a list of options. In that click on "Edit Thumbnail" option.
  2.  In the Edit Thumbnail option, tick mark on the "Scale to Fit" box which is by default un-tick.
  3. Click okay 

  •  How to download photo album in one single click:  This one is the most useful trick. You will need this may be almost daily because our friends upload new photos and albums. If the album that they have uploaded in facebook should be downloaded for your purpose, then you can do so
  1.  First open
  2.  Click on "Log in with Facebook" 
  3. Then click on " Go to App" . This step will ask for your permission for accessing your profile. You have to allow the same.
  4.  Now after allowing access to your profile, your browser will redirect you to again the website
  5. In this step just fill in the name of the facebook friend whose photos you want to download. 
  6. Then choose the album of friend you want to download. If you want to download all albums then click on "select all" option.
  7.  Wait for few moments for the "download" button to appear. Then click on "Download". 
  8.  Lastly, unzip the folder after downloading the photos. 



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