Sunday, February 3, 2013

Facebook's new business card - "Facebook card"

Do you have a Facebook account and if you want to send some gift to your friend who resides far away from you in other state, for instance, then you can have this great opportunity of buying and sending a gift virtually and gift it to your friend with the help of new "Facebook card"

Facebook's credit card

Recently , on in Jan 2013, this system was introduced. Facebook is now on a path of expanding with new ideas that may lead to great business and money for many businessmen. Today social networking is becoming more and more advanced. In this world of social networking, FaceBook plays an important role. 

How does this card system work : 
First you need to purchase online from FB gift products, then to whom you have purchased that friend or relative will be intimated or informed. Then after few days, he / she will receive the card in the mail. You can monitor the balances of the card on your mobile apps.

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