Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to transfer old facebook page post in the new one- Facebook cool tricks

It may happen sometimes that you need to delete your face-book account and create a new one. At the same time after that , you may have a doubt , will all the details and posts that you posted in the old account get transferred in the new account?

There is no app or option available in face-book that can do so. But there is a "download " option available which will help us to do so. 

In this post below, the steps for transferring the old face-book account posts to new is given in the detailed manner. Follow the steps accordingly. 

Suppose , you have an old account named "A" and you want to delete it and want to create a new one called "B" and transfer old posts in "B". 

1. First you need to download a copy of your old profile, that's "A".
2. Then open a new account "B" and then upload your information

1. To download a copy of your old profile: 

  •  Click "Account" then click "Account settings".
  • Click "Download" twice , then click okay
  • An email will be received by you when the process is completed. Click the link in the email and then type your password to start the download.
  • After the download is complete, double click on the file, to unzip it.
Now the next step is to open a new account and feed the details.

2. To open a new account and uploading information:
  • Fill the sign-up form to open a new account in Face-book. 
  • Re-add your friends using the list in download file. 
  • To upload the items from old profile, go to the downloaded file and add any item you need.
Note: Please do not maintain more than one account as it is against the terms & conditions of face-book. Try to delete your old profile account if uploaded all posts and details in the new account.



how do you add them to the new account?

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