Friday, March 8, 2013

5 ways to schedule future status updates in Facebook

When you are not on your computer , and still want to continue to send the information and thoughts to your friends regularly in Facebook , then there is a trick to do so. You can use different varieties of free applications, that will allow you to schedule Facebook future updates

Below mentioned are some of the free applications that will allow you to share your future updates, thoughts, information, etc in Facebook news feed.

In all these applications, you have to sign in using Facebook and grant access. 

  • LaterBro: This application lets you to schedule all your updates to Facebook as well as Twitter in case you are out of town for your family functions or a party to attend. But you don't want your friends waiting for your posts in Facebook !!!! This is a cool application for you. 

  •  PostPlanner: As the name suggests, it plans all the posts in advance as per your requirements. It is a free Facebook application and you can manage all your fan pages right in one place. 

Postplanner app

  •  PostCron: In this you can schedule your posts including photos, links, videos, Also posts in Twitter and Facebook too. 


  • GreetingScheduler : It is a free app of Facebook that allows you to design HTML greeting cards. 

  • HootSuite: This application updates in Facebook and Twitter too. It also includes the other social networks like Linkedin, Google +, Foursquare, Myspace, etc. So with the use of this amazing application that connects you to the main social networks and updates all your posts in a single click. You can enjoy your holidays, without any worries .

  Any other free applications that you use , comments here are welcome for others to share with.


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