Thursday, March 21, 2013

Facebook Chat from Desktop - Tip to access Facebook chat from desktop

Today many of the Facebook users use chat from their mobiles or iPhones or iPod. Sometimes it may happen that you are in office and you want to keep informed your Facebook friends. Then it is not possible for you to open Facebook account in office and chat. In this case, you need a software that will be able to get connected to your FB friends and side by side you can concentrate on your work too.

Facebookapps are available for mobile users. Problem is with PC users.

List of instant messaging services through desktop. 
  1. FTalk: It is a instant messaging application, works like regular IM service.  A totally free IM and liked by many. 
  2. ChitChat : A fun filled application and free for installing. This IM has great features. One of which is notification when a new message is received by you. Can connect with many friends and easy to talk . Gives you the choice of fonts, text colors and effects to use in chat as like facebook chat . 
  3. Facebook Chat @ Desktop: A free IM. It uses advanced GUI features. Notifies when a new message is received. 
  4. Meebo: It is same as another chat and IM. Allows you to connect with Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Facebook chat , etc. 
  5. Digsby:  This is another instant messaging application that supports MSN, Yahoo messenger, Facebook chat, etc.
  6. Adium: This application is for MAC OS X users. 
  7. Pigdin : This application uses impressive chat option from desktop. There is no occurrence of any connection issues reported so far by the users. 

Other messaging applications or software include: 

Yoono, Trillian astra, Miranda IM, Scrapboy, etc. 

Hence by the usage of these above listed and mentioned applications or softwares, you can easily get connected to your friends and can chat even when you are in school or college or office. 


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