Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to update your facebook status via any mobile device

Have you observed any of your friends who own Smartphone, Android, etc and access Facebook? Well Facebook is an application found in almost many mobiles. The status updates made using iPhone or any other device, by your friends now may be a dream of yours. 

This dream will be true by using some apps on any mobile device. This is possible for you too. 

Just some clicks away and you can impress your friends too. Which mobile device do you own? iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, or iPad?
There are plenty of apps online that you can impress your friends on facebook wall and will be displayed there . 

  • Statusvia app: This is an app that can be used to update your facebook wall status via any mobile device. In this you can select any device of your choice like Windows mobile, iPhone 5, Blackberry, etc. Whatever you type in the text box provided will be shared on your wall and below mentioned is the device through which you updated. Example, if you selected "via iPhone5", then below it will be mentioned as that.
    Yes this is just for fun and to impress your friends online even if you don't have the selected device. It is a secret that you can't share with anyone. Your friends may be far away from you, but just for impression purpose , go ahead and impress online.This you can do this using PC or also using your mobile internet or an app, called "FacebookStatusVia" which you can get in my other post in Mobile Apps blog.  Apps for updating Facebook wall and status via any mobile device.


  •  FBStatusvia: This is also a place where we can choose the device of our own choice and write on our or friends' wall. 
  •  Statusvia.net: Again yet another way to change the Facebook wall  and news feed.

Now smartly and intelligently you can update your facebook's wall and news feed with the help of these apps and can impress your fellow ones with the mobile device you want. Be it Blackberry 10, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad, Windows , HTC, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Show it on your wall and make your collar tight. 


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