Friday, March 15, 2013

Use of Hashtag (#) - now by Facebook too

The latest news as per the sources, states that the Social media giant, Facebook, will now follow the footsteps of another Social media giant, Twitter. As the Twitter uses, hashtag, i.e, the use of "#" symbol before any word , which can be used as keyword for the specific article or news regarding that keyword.

Internet today is all based on keywords. If you want your article or your post or your website to get noticed, then it has to be keyword specific. Keywords play an important role in the internet surfing or searching.

For example, in Twitter, any user may post a tweet regarding the "global warming". And if before that word, the hashtag is used, then it becomes a keyword specific, like #globalwarming. If anyone across the globe is searching for any website or article or news about global warming, then he may include the # symbol before the word. And the results are in front of him. 

Now in the same manner, Facebook is also planning to adopt the use of hashtag , that will help users to organise comments and posts by topic. 

Still this is in the testing mode. But this particular hashtag will be in use shortly. 

So, now be ready to use of hashtags in Facebook too.

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