Friday, April 12, 2013

Create your own Facebook chat emotions

Tired of using the same chat emotions ? A new emotion can be entered whenever you chat with your friends. Now it is possible to create your own emotions and display in the chat window for your friends. Try this fun out. What say? 

Basically, all of us are always tired of using the same thing again and again. Me too . I found out some interesting  trick that could refresh me and my friends while chatting. One must try new and new things and learn how to do the same. That's how the mind will be fresh. Well this is something I am trying to tell you about psychology. No, I am not diverting my topic to another one. 

You must have visited many websites or Facebook fan pages. You must have liked their display page image. You felt like taking and pasting it in the Facebook chat window and share with your friends. That time you must have thought that it is a dream. But dreams do come true. Well a simple way to show the image of your choice from any website or any Facebook Fan page, etc, you just have to copy the user name of the Facebook fan page. 

For example, the image in Facebook page : "Facebook tips , tricks and hacks". If the profile image you want to apply in the Facebook chat window then it is very simple. You just find out the end name . In this link,, the name of the fan page is "Facebooksecretsandtricks". Well that's it. You copy it out and enclose it with double brackets, like this [[ ]]. 

 In the above example, enclose it in [[Facebooksecretsandtricks]]  in the chat box and press enter. And see the image now. Interesting , right? 
Try this out simple and useful trick that will allow you to insert any image of your choice as your chat emotion in the chat window. 
Like wise, you can do for any other website too.


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