Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Logo of Facebook - changed or repaired?

Have you ever noticed the logo of Facebook? Well all imagine that there is a blue colored icon in which the letter "F" appears in small letter. True. But there is one more thing that you may not have noticed in the logo that is the pale blue color line that appears as underline. That is gone now in the recently changed logo for Facebook. 

Difference in old and new Facebook logo

Look at the image above. You will get the difference now. The left image displays the old logo and the right one is the latest one. What changes the developers have made in the designing of new logo is that the blue color line below the "f" is removed. Also the letter "f" is made to touch below the edge of the icon. 

But if we think , what is the reason behind changing the icon? Do you have any idea? Please share. May be just a new look!!!

There is a saying everywhere, that , "Facebook goes flat"

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