Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Simple way to create a video of your pictures in Facebook

As Facebook grows more and more interesting day by day, and most accessed social networking site day by day, the tricks and secrets are also grow further. As many options, more and more tricks and tips for you. It is known that all the youngsters and those who know to operate internet, daily access Facebook at-least once or twice or may be online the whole day. Yeah!!! Facebook is just like any other best friend of ours and always we share images, thoughts, pictures, links, videos, etc which are called as status updates

The pictures that are uploaded by you or anyone of your friends which are seen on your timeline, they can be made into a video in Facebook. It is just like any other tip. Here I will not call as trick, as it is a tip or way to make the photos and images in Facebook into video. 

Suppose, you have shared some pictures of your dog and if someone else has uploaded where you comment or like or otherwise, then both the pictures can be attached and converted into a video. 

The pictures and images can be changed in the video format using the simple way , that is, PIXABLE.

Hence, once try this option and see the difference of your Facebook photos getting transformed into a video. This video you can upload into Youtube and track the stats (if you want to). 


  1. Great... This is a great idea to make photo video album and uploading it to the YouTube,this will help to share pictures amongst millions of people..

  2. The main types of social networking services are those that contain category places , means to connect with friends, and a recommendation system linked to trust.


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