Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to send any file via chat window (while chatting)

A very unusual trick. Facebook chat tricks are like more and more liked by many. Chat window is open most of the time when we are accessing Facebook. We know who is online and can chat with them instantly. This is not the trick, I am posting here. 

Do you chat regularly? Do you feel like sending some important files like word documents or pdf files for instance, or any file that is very important at that particular time. Well, any file can be attached in gmail and can be sent. But if you look practically, Facebook has made very simple in terms of chatting and other tricks. Now any file can be sent via chat to the other person chatting at the other end. 

Suppose, you are chatting with your friend named say, "Tom" and he wants your .doc file as soon as possible. Then instead of sending via Gmail, simply opt Facebook chat window to send it. 

How to send any file via chat window? 

  • Login to your Facebook account (no need if you are already logged)
  • Open the chat window and find the person whom you want to send the file needed. 
  • Select that friend 
  • Click on "Add files" option at the top of the chat window with whom you are currently chatting
Above image will help you out.

  • After clicking the "Add files" option, a new window will appear 
  • Select the file and click ok
And now look at the chat window, your file is appearing in the format , just press Enter to make it available for your friend.

Likewise, share your tricks too in this blog. I would welcome your comments or your links with various tricks.

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  1. Thank you. I was trying to send a music file. This was helpful!


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