Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Facebook V/s Twitter - Who is better

Social networking sites are getting more and more popular these days. All, including businessmen, teenagers, advertisers, etc take the correct use of social media sites and make their brands popular. Teenagers are the main ones who get connected with their friends. Some use for learning, some for building popularity of a product, some others for displaying information, some use it for giving the latest news,etc. Oh, yes , how did I forget about the news!!! What is going in the world, tech news, market news, business news, social media news, health related news, entertainment news, etc are the news that we search for daily updates. Then in that case how can one stay uninformed if these news are not updated on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

There are many social networking sites where you can get connected with some latest news around the world. The sites like Facebook, Twitter are familiar to you, other than them , you can get from MySpace, Google+, hi5, bebo, etc. 

As you can recollect, the main feature of social networking site is to connect the people. Other than that there are many other categories of features that can be listed down.

  • Networking features
  • Profiles
  • Security
  • Search
On the basis of these features one can make out the overall quality of a particular social site.

Then there are some differences too. Like :

  • Minimum characters 
  • Usage 
  • Sharing 
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Chatting
  • Commenting
  • Pages
  • Tools
Looking toward the list of social sites, what comes in mind first are Facebook and Twitter. These two are the most used sites. Looking at the graph below you can see that there are many users.

Somewhat similar. Right?

Now what makes them access daily are the attractive features that make them popular than others. Facebook lets you share images , videos, etc. Twitter builds brands. 

Well lets not talk like this. I will analyze some important factors that will differentiate them from each other. 

Minimum age of join is 13
Music streaming facility
Personal video sharing facility
Can play games 
Can arrange events
Create or use apps
Can create business profile
No customized skins 
Can customize skins 
Can search for friends by email

What is the difference between Facebook and Twitter is stated clearly in the above table. 

But we cannot state that Facebook is only best or Twitter is not. Twitter also has some extra-ordinary features that make it best as compared to Facebook. 

Lets not get deep into so much as to make them a fighting rivalry. Well both are good at their own places, best in their own ways. 


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