Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to "SORT" updates in Facebook - News Feed sorting tricks

New updates daily in Facebook are always welcome. We all love them and like some fresh news and updates daily from our fellow Facebook lovers. In English language you must have come across, good, better , best. Right? Means sorting in Facebook in "Recent" and "Top" stories, works similarly. Categorize some new updates in top and recent ones. How to do it? Let us find out. 

Now in Facebook, you can sort the stories or updates in simple words. The sorting can be done in "Top" and "Recent" ones.

There is an option called "SORT" when you log in to your Facebook account. Have a look at the below image.

As you can see the option in above image, you click on "Sort" option and two sub-options appear. They are "Top" and "Recent". Accordingly, you can click as per your need. Then you can see the change in the updates.

Just zoom the above image and you will do it on your own. The News Feed is now sorted.


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