Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo comments facility available for users to comment on Facebook posts instead of words

Do you comment on your anyone's status updates or posts? Surely you do. But use of texts were done. Below image is the one example of it.

Now recently updated news states that Facebook has made the users possible to add comments using images or photos. 

It lets you comment with a photo. 

There is a big difference when you post comments with an image as image gets read faster by all than words. In this fast growing world and technology, one has to move fast and share their ideas to many faster and to many people. 

Well this may be a fresh change in the social media world of Facebook, but I think will make a lot of difference. Some may think this is nothing and very boring news. But just give it a thought. Will it save your time by typing words to express yourself. This can be done with a single click of image. Just add an image and say it. 

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