Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick steps for setting your "Trusted Contacts" in Facebook

Now-a-days, there is lots said about "Trusted contacts". I am sure you may be aware about "Trusted contacts". In one of my posts, I have given an informative article about the same. You can have a look at the post. 

As said about it, you can recover the lost password through your known and trusted ones. You can get it done by setting the contacts and informing them. As the name suggests, it is only for the "trusted" ones who will never disclose your private passwords to other people. 

To set the contacts in your "Trusted " list:

  • Click on "Account Settings" 
  • Select "Security" option at the left 
  • Click on the option "Edit" in the "Trusted contacts" category
  • Then enter upto 3 contacts. If below 3 then it will not accept and will ask for entering at-least 3 contacts. So select carefully. 
  • Then lastly Save

 You can have a look at the image below which shows clearly how to set. 

This way you can set the trusted contacts of your choice for regaining your lost password.

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