Saturday, June 8, 2013

Send large files upto 1 GB through "PIPE" in Facebook

Latest news in Facebook , HURRAY, sending files to anyone made simple. You can use PIPE, a newly introduced  application for Facebook users. Recently in one of my posts, I have stated that we can send files via Facebook chat. Now you may have a question or doubt arising in your mind stating that actually what is the difference between sending files in Facebook chat and sending files via PIPE? I had also doubted this option. I got an interesting and amazing feature that cleared my doubt. It is nothing but the option of "Locker" in PIPE. Yes I know I am very fast in providing you all the details. Let's start with what is "PIPE". 
PIPE is an application in Facebook that lets you send files upto 1GB file size. For this app, you have to first give the permission of accessing your details to this app and then you can proceed. 
To do so , visit this link:

After the page is loaded then it will ask for permission. Grant it by clicking "Okay" button and then the app loads on the screen. 

In the above image there is a button visible that is to be clicked for sending files. But before that an option named "Friends" is available for your to select any friend you want to send file to. 

What are you waiting for. I know you want to send your music , songs, photos, videos , etc to your friends. Just select the friend , click the middle button and select the file. Say ok. And see the magic that occurs on screen!!!!!

You will see that the file is sent. But if the friend is offline, then app will ask for how many days the file has to be stored in LOCKER, and you have to set that many days. But in this also , you can set upto 5 days. Set it and notify him about it after the prompting of the app immediately. 

Enjoy this feature from Facebook!

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