Monday, July 8, 2013

Tricks to get more likes for your Fan Page

Struggling to get the "Likes" for your Fan page? Instead of asking your friends to like the page why don't you try for some tricks to get more likes?  Turn your visitors into genuine likes for your fan page.

When it comes to Facebook, then first thing strikes in our mind is how many  "Likes" and "Shares". Isn't it? 

Now shares and likes are like steps to our success in getting good visitors. Your fan pages will not get likes in an overnight time. For that some quality time has to be spent. 

We update status or photos daily, all do. What everyone expects is to get some likes and shares and also comments are welcome. But for this you don't have to post everything that is in your mind or anything like that.

Think that you are a visitor and are watching some other fan page. What would you expect to surf in that and what will attract you more? Yes, you are right. Some interesting stuffs.

What makes your eyebrows go up or what makes you feel fresh or good. That should be posted so that others will feel like entering into your "Fan page" and like if they do. For that you have to follow some simple and tricky steps.

  • Most important is to post good quality, fresh, useful , interesting content. If you go on writing on the same post more and more which is not so important, that will make others loose interest. So be short and specific and attractive post   
  • Videos, images and funny things are liked by all. So think of posting in your fan page some images which may tell instead of your words. Videos are also go hand in hand with the images.
  • Your links are the ways to your website or blog. Put links
  • Tell your friends about your new Facebook fan page and tell them to like and share it to their near ones.
  • Create a group in Facebook and add some of your friends who will feel that they are also a part of this fan page and that it it their responsibility to make it a "HIT"
  • You "Like" other pages and in return they will "like" yours.
  • You comment on their page and share your thoughts, they will also like it.
  • Add some funny things like jokes or funny cartoons in between to make it attractive
Think as visitors and you will gain them for your "Facebook Fan page". Few simple steps and you will get some good quality audience for your pages. Mostly people want to know others ideas, comments and then they will think of the product that is mentioned in your page.

You will add some friends , they will share your page to their near ones, and they will in turn to more fans. 


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