Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 VIP features in Facebook

This post will focus on the important... rather VIP features that are used in Facebook by the users in the daily routine from logging in to Facebook till they log out.

This post is not to sum up all the features of Facebook, but to list out some important features that we use in our day to day life. 
Below listed are the 5 features that can be called as VIP ones in Facebook

News Feed : Give it a thought for a while, when we log in to our Facebook account, what features we use? We will first check out what is new in the News Feed. Right? So that will update with what is happening in our friends' day to day life. 

Graph Search :  How about searching for our new friends in Search Box feature? Adding them is the another. Searching specifically in the local area friends like, friends who studied in my college.Using this feature you can find more specific in the specific area of your choice. More deep searching according to your likes.

TimeLine: Looking in others Timeline . See what our best friend has done recently. Has he posted a new picture or liked some others posts or updates. Some share their story in the Timeline, when you were born, what you have done in graduation , what are your likes and dislike, which movies you have seen, which music you like the most.

Like Button / option : Did you forget Like button or option ? How about liking someone's profile photo or any status updates with some comments.

Chatting is the most used feature in Facebook. This feature is loved by all. Use of chat emotions, use of codes, use of smileys , etc to make more fun while chatting. When it comes to this feature, you can use this feature directly without Facebook on your desktop or on mobile. 

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