Friday, August 16, 2013

Embedded Posts : Now embed Facebook posts on web

After the announcement of Story Bumping and Last Actor, Facebook recently announced something called as "Embedded posts". As the title suggests, the posts can be embedded. But the question arises from where to where? 

In Facebook, we all find some interesting posts and updates with some interesting and attractive videoes being added. With this, also there can be seen  how many liked it, how many have shared it to others, with some comments. Now these gestures of sharing, posting, liking, commenting plays an important role for the people who has posted it. It encourages the person. This post which has got say 756 likes, 39 comments and 200 shares, will it go viral on website or blog? Surely it will. If this post is embedded in your website or blog, then the readers or the visitors to your blog will know how much this post is loved and liked by all. He will then suggest others by sharing. 

With this , the post will also add a feature of liking the page. More and more people will add you and will follow you. 

Embedded posts, works by embedding a code related to that post in Facebook which can be copied and pasted in the website or a blog.

To embed a post from Facebook, you have to copy the code that has to be embedded and paste it in the blog / website. 

Steps to embed a post: 
  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Select the post you want to embed
  3. Click on the top right corner ,you will see the small icon with an arrow marked down, the list of options will be displayed .
  4. Select the "Embed Post" option (See below image)
  5. Copy the code to embed and paste it in the blog 

If any post is embedded in your website, then what are the parts that will be displayed with the post: 
  • The post 
  • Date when it was posted 
  • How many likes, shares, comments, etc
  • The option to like the page : "Like Page"

Earlier , this feature was accessible for the news publishers and editors only. Recently , in the month of August 2013, it was made available for all. 

How does a Embedded post look like:

Look at the below image and you will get an idea about the way the embedded posts will be displayed. 

The above image describes clearly what actually is the "Embedded post" and how will it look like on the website / blog. 


I have a question. In some posts I see (after opening the options arrow) that I can embed the post, but most of the posts are lacking that option. I onlye see the well known three options, hide, report and follow. Why is that?

Well Rene, in Facebook News Feed, when you think that any "post" is good then it can be embedded. Only the posts have the option of "Embedding". The photos that are posted , will not have the option of "Embed Posts" .

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