Friday, August 9, 2013

Facebook trick - How to change your "display" name

Are you bored by displaying that name of yours? Do you want to make your profile name more interesting and more attractive? Then I think it is time to make some changes in the name of your choice. 

Your user name is your account name. Your profile name that you have set is shown on the timeline. Just look at the left top corner which displays your name. This name can be altered and be made visible in minutes. 

To do so: 

Step I :          Login to your Facebook account

Step II :        Go to Settings option 

Step III:        Click on the Account Settings option

Step IV:        In that select the General Account Settings option which is the first one in the list 

Step V :        At the right side, click on Edit option following the Name details 

Step VI:       Type the desired name and surname of your choice

Step VII:     To save, you have to enter the current password

The changed name will appear after 24 hours  for the effects to be updated in the database of Facebook. So be patient. 

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