Monday, August 26, 2013

Facebook trick - How to hide certain posts from your News Feed permanently

Given a chance to change the look of your Facebook News Feed, then there are some posts that are just unwanted when you watch them. There are some posts that may be annoying or spam or uninteresting for you. There is a chance to hide them off permanently. 

Before doing anything, just have a glance of your News Feed. What do you feel about some posts. They are unwanted and uninteresting? Then throw them off in the garbage. Here the garbage literally means to hide from the screen. 

For example, if someone has posted like, "ABC has liked 10 images ...." Is this post interesting for you? I don't think s. Decide and hide the post. 
How to hide the unwanted posts from the News Feed screen : 
Simple steps to do so are : 
  • Select the post to hide 
  • Click on the down arrow that is displayed when you hover your mouse over the top of the post
  • Select the option " I don't want to see this " 
  • The option will ask for you whether you want to hide it permanently . Click on it if you want to do so
  • Also it will ask below why you want to hide the post. Select the best option 

 The above images clearly states the way to hide any uninteresting posts from your Facebook screen. 



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