Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Facebook's "Last Actor" feature - for displaying in News feed

Recently, the team of Facebook, announced two major announcements which is made in the Facebook's News Feed Algorithm. One of them is "Story Bumping" feature which allows you to find out what has been updated in your online Facebook absence. Those updates will be displayed that you haven't gone through. 
Another one in the list is "Last Actor" feature. If you want to know want to know what are the last transactions you made in Facebook, then this feature will be a great advantage for you. One will know the last 50 people you have interacted with in your Facebook account. 
A question arises in mind is whether this feature is available for both mobile and web, then that goes without saying that this option of Last Actor is found on both the platforms, web and mobile devices too. 

The team of Facebook is bringing more and more to the social media giant to give more and more features for the users to be at ease. 


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