Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to check for a fake Facebook profile in your contacts

Being the world's biggest social networking site, Facebook account holders get attacked by some fake accounts or profiles. In Facebook, we connect our friends, these friends have their own circle of friends and this chain goes on and on. The list is never ending. Every person has 2 or 3 persons who are close to them. We, being socially active on Facebook, chat , share our comments, add some new folks, update status, etc. With this you are not able to notice who give fake comments or likes to your photos or posts. They just go unnoticed from your sight. 

After some days or months , you start noticing that there are unwanted profiles who have been added and they are posting and get connected with you. Your profile as displayed in the Facebook URL in the browser, may be used by some fake profiles. 

Unknown friend requests are seen , what we do, instead of verifying them , unknowingly, we add them. These fake accounts may create a lot of problems, as they may access your profile id, if it is a hacker then he may hack your account or send updates which may again become illegal. 

This dangerous situation can be avoided if at the first moment before adding them you check. There is one more option or way to verify whether the person you are adding as your friend is a real or fake one.

Some fakers just are interested in what you have liked or commented or posted. But some are most dangerous ones. We cannot predict them what will be their move. Hence we have to be secured or alert before confirming or adding some friends. 

This post is not for frightening purpose. I am posting this to help you from doing this act. 

One of the best ways to identify the fake accounts or fake profiles is by using an app that will bring to your notice about the fake or unreal accounts. 

There is an app named "FB Checker" which will help you in finding which profiles are not real.

How to find any fake account using FB checker : 
This app is a free Facebook app that will search and display fake accounts very easily. It has to be downloaded and before you use it you have to grant the access of your Facebook account. 
How FB Checker Works:
Mainly, it analyses the fake profiles by images, photos, etc. If you want to find any account which you feel it is fake then you have to add his or her photo to this app named "FB checker" . After adding, it will check if any duplicate photo is available on the net.
If the result is fake account then the app will display as : "This photo was not found on any other website. It might be right".
If the account is fake then the result will be displayed as : " This photo was found on some other websites". 

The download link is here : FB Checker


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