Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nail Polish named "Social butterfly Blue" is sold by Facebook

Girls, ladies - may I have your attention please !!! Recently , the social networking king , Facebook has started selling a new brand of "Nail Polish" which will add pride to your fingertips. 

As stated in Mashable, the company is selling this brand in the campus of Menlo Park, California. 

Now you can enjoy wearing this social branding on your fingertips. According to Mashable, there is no logo of Facebook as such on the packaging. The above image is the nail polish that is available with a blue butterfly as its logo. 

When you wear it may look as : 

You can have your own drawings on the nail polish of social media today. 

Please note that this nail polish is not available online for purchasing, instead you have to go to the store itself and get this on your nails. 

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