Thursday, August 22, 2013

Share your current feelings while status updating in Facebook

Have you ever observed the list of options while updating your new posts in Facebook ? Look at the below image to get an idea. 

What does this image tell you? Have you seen the options below the status updates text box before updating? 
 If not, then let me introduce you new option that is "Say what you are doing". This option lets you share some feelings listed in the templates that appear when you click on it. The pre-defined sayings are , feeling happy or sad, watching, reading, listening to any music, etc. 

If while writing your status , if you add any of these current feelings going on , then it will add a humor to your posts. 

Just like a fun. 

Say for example, if you select the option , "feeling" then it will add happy or sad as specified in the list of second options. 

To do so, select the option and inform accordingly as shown below. 

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