Sunday, August 18, 2013

Trick to link between Facebook and Twitter

Do you have a Facebook account? Also you post some interesting posts in Twitter too on the daily basis? Then there becomes a tiring work of first logging in Facebook account , then finding some posts, updating yours on it. Then move on to Twitter .This will unnecessarily waste your precious time. 

If there is a linkage between these two social networking sites, then the posts updated in Facebook will be automatically seen in Twitter too and vice versa. 

Some settings just have to be changed and then it will be linked together. 

Follow these simple steps : 

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click on the "Settings" option and then click "Account Settings" option 
  • In the lists , select the "Follower Settings" from the left tab
  • Click on the check box called "Turn On Follow" which will aggregate into new set of options below
  • Select the Twitter option and click "Edit" at the right side. 
  • Link the Twitter account by logging in to your Twitter account. You have to authorize app for linking.
  • After saving , the Twitter and Facebook are now linked. 
Look at the above image and you will get the idea of how to do . 

In this case, if you update your posts in Facebook it will get posted to Twitter. But does it do vice versa? 

No, for that you have to link Twitter with Facebook . To do so follow the following steps to link Twitter with Facebook.
  • Login to your Twitter account in the new browser
  • Go to Settings
  • The Account settings will have an option called, "Profile" , select it
  • Click on the "Log in Facebook" button at the bottom 
  • Save the changes
  • It will add your Facebook account here

The above image will show you the exact way. 

Hence this is the correct way to link two major social networking sites if you are having an account in both. 

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