Friday, September 13, 2013

Auto-Play Videos in News Feed in Facebook on mobile

"Videos" - This word itself makes us excited . In this post I am not speaking about Youtube videos that we watch, but about the videos in Facebook News Feed. 

There is a new and fresh news that is shared in AllthingsD, that Facebook is testing for Auto-play News Feed Videos on Mobile .

When we see anything in News Feed interesting, we read and comment . When we see any videos uploaded by any user, then we watch it if we feel like. But now Facebook has made it auto play on mobile Facebook News Feed. Facebook is making a move and a test that was conducted on Thursday , 12th Sept 2103, where some mobile users were able to see the auto play in videos. 

This feature is still in the test-mode and will be accessible only for some Android and iPhone users, according to the news. Moreover, the videos will auto-play only when they are posted or uploaded by other users in Facebook, but not by any other ads. 

This will be just a test to see what will be the reaction of the users. 

Recently, in the month of December, the feature was found successfully implemented on some devices. Hence it is on its way to all iOS and Android users internationally. Read more about this here: "Auto Play" feature in Facebook Tested-Now available on all mobiles.


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