Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Facebook ads images change their image size

This is a very small change but will make a big difference for advertisement creators. Facebook displays ads that are relevant for the user. Facebook Ads are created by the businessmen who want to get larger audience from the social networking giant. Since Facebook allows landing pages as ads that can be displayed on the News Feed, the ads images play an important role in all this. 

Latest in the Facebook news, it was announced that the ad images that will be displayed in Facebook will be changed in the size. This will go into effect for the users from 9th Sept. The change in size of the Facebook ad images was announced a month earlier. But this is now in to action. The ad format changes will impact the look and feel of the ads with the ad campaign preparation of the advertisers. 

The ads will have a larger size with the ad's text. The images now will be 3.5 times the old image size. 
 How do you feel the larger image of ad ? What will happen is that if the user clicks on the image or the text, the user will be directed to the landing page of the advertisement. So it will benefit the advertiser. 

For users, it will display a large image with ad and text, for advertisers, it will be an added benefit as it will increase the click-through-rates. 


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