Friday, September 20, 2013

Facebook launches "Deep Learning" Technique - Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technique

In Facebook , daily users post some or the other new stuff that is related to their likes. They share some posts from other websites, like some other posts, share to their friends. Status updates is the daily routine like thing in the Facebook social network. Many have seen the ads appearing on their Facebook account which is relevant to their likes and dislikes. Means earlier if you have liked some Fan page, then Facebook recognizes it and displays the ads relevant to them. 

Now Facebook wants to go deep into your thoughts and find out with its new launch of Advanced Artificial Intelligence technique called as "Deep Learning". 

What actually is "Deep Learning" Technique? 
According to Wikipedia, "Deep Learning  is a set of algorithms in machine learning that attempt to learn layered models of inputs, commonly neural networks. The layers in such models correspond to distinct levels of concepts, where higher-level concepts are defined from lower-level ones, and the same lower-level concepts can help to define many higher-level concepts."
Now you may think what this technique is going to do with the Facebook related posts??
The simple answer to this will be to understand what the user is posting in Facebook for the betterment of the quality of ads to display on it. This will help the advertisers to know how to make the ads more better for them to get the popularity on Facebook. In one of my posts, I have mentioned about how to gain success with the tricks of advertising and marketing of ads

To get the ads working on Facebook and other social network, one has to know how to create a professional ad.

Facebook developers team, now is looking forward to the new way to know and understand the posts that are done in Facebook. The technique behind to be used will be "Deep Learning" technique which is the Advanced Artificial Intelligence technique. 

After applying this new technique the developers feel that it will boost the ad targeting feature for the advertisers. Earlier, this technique has done wonders in knowing the behavior of the people. 
 The "Deep Learning" technique will find out the meaning of the raw data posted and they can work on data.


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