Monday, September 30, 2013

Find yourself in the ocean of all Facebook profile pics

Facebook, when added its users, summed up to more than 1.2 billion users. These profiles were seen on a single image with tiny dots all together.  At the first glance you may feel that you are looking at the TV screen which is not working. But in reality, you will get the number of Facebook users on it.

See all the Facebook users on a single page. 

With a click on the image anywhere, you can see the profile images of users around the world.

Can you find out your profile pic in the above image? This image has all the profile images of all the Facebook users. 

The website "Faces of Facebook" displays all the profile images across the world. When you click on the image, all the profiles pics will be displayed . 

This app is created by freelance designer Natalia Rojas. By clicking on the location icon, you will be able to find out your place in the heap of images.

She writes that : "We are not breaking any of Facebook privacy rules because we don't store anyone's private information, pictures or names," she wrote on the site."

The profile images of Facebook users are arranged in the chronological manner according to the date and time of the registration with the site.

So which Facebook registration number are you? Can you find yours?

Isn't it a challenge to find out one profile in 1.2billion of users? Wow , what a great app designed? It puts all the Facebook users' profile images on a single page!!!


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