Friday, September 20, 2013

Hide all your "Messaging Activities" on Facebook

Hiding some activities in Facebook , from some friends is sometimes necessary. Some Facebook users don't probably see as a problem, but enabling to hide the seen messages on the social network will make them understand what actually they were doing with their activity logs. 

Any solution that really works is just a plugin for Chrome users, that is "FSeenBlock" which will solve your problem of hiding the seen messages on Facebook. 

Social network users who due to some reason want to hide their messaging activity, can simply get the plugin installed on the Chrome browser. 

What else can we do with this plugin? The "typing" notification that displays when a user is viewing message can be hidden . 

But why do anyone want to hide their messaging activities in Facebook? If someone is chatting with you in Facebook, and if it is displaying to the other end that you are typing then it is good for them who is chatting with you.

Readers, this post will make you find out why some people want to hide such activities. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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