Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ICICI launched a new Facebook App - "Pockets"

ICICI goes social!!!!!!!
ICICI bank has announced a launch of its new Facebook app called as "Pockets". The app will be active from Wednesday, 25th of September. This app allows youngsters, social media savvy customers for carrying out financial and non-financial transactions via Facebook .
Financial transactions like payments, account status, open a new account etc. Non Financial transaction involves recharge of mobiles , find out the balance in the account, etc.

With the launch of this Facebook app, ICICI has made it very interesting while banking. So now you can do your banking transactions with other activities via Facebook app. 

What the CEO and MD of ICICI bank, Chanda Kochhar says at a press conference : 

"The creation of Pockets is in accordance to the bank's philosophy of providing convenience and choice to customers in interacting with the bank in whatever form, time or place they want."
Considering the fact that there is a vast audience at Facebook,  Chanda Kochhar has stated the unique features of "Pockets by ICICI" app as follows: 

  • Pay a Friend: Using this feature , ICICI customer can transfer his money to his Facebook friend, without knowing their account number. The maximum amount that can be transferred is fixed at Rs 10,000.
  • Recharge prepaid mobile: This helps its customers to recharge their prepaid mobiles 
  • Book Movie tickets : App allows to book any movie tickets with their Facebook friends
  • Slip 'n' share': This feature helps its customers to track all expenses that may have been spent as a group. 
  • Open A Fixed Deposit account 
  • Order a Cheque Book 
  • Stop Cheque payments
  • Upgrade Debit cards

How to use this app ?

To use the "Pockets by ICICI" app, the customers have to first log in to their Facebook account. Then search for ICICI's Facebook page and go there. On that page they can view the app's tab . The tab opens to a fresh page which asks to complete a one time registration (OTP) by entering the debit card number and PIN. 

The app will be live from Wednesday, 25th September onwards. 

To know the steps regarding how to register with ICICI's Pocket app , visit here: Pocket app by ICICI Bank

So, enjoy the benefit of being a Facebook Savvy .

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