Thursday, September 12, 2013

Know how to apply or change the Themes in Facebook

Facebook users are always in a search of some or the other options that they can use in Facebook. 

This post is regarding the Facebook themes. How to change Facebook themes , may be a question in your mind. 

Before moving to this in detail, have a look at the different types of Facebook Themes. 

To get this look and feel of your Facebook profile, you can change the current theme in Facebook to a new one . 

There are different ways to add a theme for Firefox users and Chrome users. 

For Firefox Users:

  • In Mozilla Firefox, install an add-on "Stylish" 
  • Restart browser after installing successfully
  • Login to your Facebook account 
  • Click on the "s" i.e small "S" button in the Firefox status bar
  • Select and click "Find styles for this site" . A new tab will open with different free themes that you can use in Facebook . 
  • Select any theme of your choice and preview it 
  • If done, then click on "Install with Stylish " button at the page's top right corner
  • Select "Install" in the dialog box

For Chrome users: 

  •  The "Stylish" add on is available for Chrome users too
  • Install it
  • Open 
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on "S" button 
  • Click on "Find styles for this site " and in the new tab click on the theme of your choice
  • Preview it . If you like it then, click on "Install with Stylish" button 

Now use these steps and change the look and feel of Facebook profile.

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