Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Launch of new feature - "AutoFill your Info"

Have you done shopping online?  Then you must have used payment sites like Paypal , Braintree etc which while making payments ask for your information like name, address, telephone number, amount to be paid, etc. 

There is a newly introduced technique which will help the users who shop online and while paying, they can auto fill their data via Facebook. The new feature that is launched recently is "AutoFill " which will autofill your data using Facebook credentials and make the payments. 

To do this, the social networking giant, Facebook has joined hands with Paypal, Braintree, Stripe and two e-commerce sites, JackThreads and Mosiac.

More about this feature in one of my posts in my blog "Mobile Apps" . So visit the post : "Now Autofill your Info automatically with Facebook's credentials for payments via mobile"


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