Sunday, September 15, 2013

Post the Blog Posts to Your Facebook Wall Automatically

A blog or website if it is updated frequently with exciting , unique and useful content, then users like the blog or website. But the website or blog to appear in the good books of Google and other search engines is a difficult task that every Search Engine Optimizer knows. 

There may be times when, after optimizing the site properly, using proper keywords, using proper techniques like SMO and SMM, the blog or website may not be in the good books of Google. Means, that the web crawler will not crawl to your blog and it may not appear on the first page of Google. Being indexed by Google is a tricky and difficult task for all website and blog owners. 

The blog posts that you frequently update may sometimes not be updated in Facebook wall or your Facebook page or on social media. This step is necessary for the website to gain success from social networking too. If your site is socially famous then there is no hurdle for the site to be at the top of the results. That is another big task. Again it comes under Social media marketing. Here the readers may not be aware of SEO and SMO and SMM. Lets not get into all this stuff . 

Simple to understand, the blog posts to appear automatically on the Facebook Wall , you have to access a plugin named , "WordBook" which is for Wordpress users. 


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I prefer to manually write my post and the url on my facebook page. I’ve been doing some experiments and research with facebook fan page and figured out that people are most likely to click on your posts when you write it than using an auto post option.

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