Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Receive messages from Facebook to your cell phone instantly

Facebook inbox is full and still you are unaware ? There may be many messages from the near ones that you simply ignored.

To scan the messages of Facebook even if you do not have access to web or Facebook account, then there square measure some settings that ought to be done to your Facebook account , to get the messages on phone. 

The main intention of this post is to inform the users about how to get the messages from Facebook to their cell phones if they are not aware of this option. Main point here is it is without internet access. 

In such cases, you have to make some changes in the Account Settings option. Let us go step by step to achieve this.

Steps :

Log in to your Facebook account

Click on the Account Settings option

Click on the Mobile tab

Select on " Add a Phone " option

Choose your country from the drop down list and type your mobile number

Text the letter "F" to a number shown on the dialog box

As soon as you receive a confirmation code on mobile, type that in the place provided

After all the steps are done, you will get a confirmation code.

Now your mobile number is saved in the Facebook account and you may receive the messages directly to your mobile.

Now you can get the messages from Facebook directly to your cell phone.

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