Thursday, September 5, 2013

Update Status in Facebook in your own language

Languages play a major role in the communication between people. In Facebook, by default if anything we wanted to share , it is in the English Language. You may want to say something which is only in your language. Now this option is also available in Facebook. Not only in Facebook , but also in Gmail, Twitter or any other site where you can say what you want to share in your language. 

In India, there is a mixture of languages. Likewise across the world, there are many languages other than English, like Hebrew, Italian, Chinese, Latin,etc. In India , the languages used to communicate are many, like Hindi, Marathi, English, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu, etc and many more. Sanskrit is the main language and traditional language in India. 
If you want to use any of the language in sharing your thoughts in Facebook , then you can use it with a special tool designed for Google Chrome users. The tool is none other than "Google Language Input " tool. This tool lets you select the language of your choice and then use it while typing. 
You need Google Chrome for using this tool. 
For getting this tool:
  • Open Google Chrome browser
  • Go to Google Chrome web store. The link :
  • In this search for "Google Language Input tool"
  • Then when the list of searched tools appear, select the appropriate tool from it and Install
  • After installing, you need to click on the Extensions to select the languages of your choice. 
 Note :

When the tool gets installed, it appears at the top as a button on the View Bar

Look at the image below: See the ""pencil" mark button . That is the Extension button for language selection.

  To update the status in Facebook using language of your choice , say for example, Hindi:

  • Log in to your Facebook account in Google Chrome
  • Select the Extension Button from the top of the bar
  • Select the language of your choice 
  • It opens a pop up writing pad at the bottom right of your screen 
  • Type with the pencil provided 
  • Look at the status update which is automatically written in that language
  • Press enter after done

When you bring your cursor in the box, it will get converted into a pencil which you can use it for writing. 


Remember, this tool of writing in our language is not available for Firefox users. 

Now type your thoughts in Facebook with your language. Share this to your friends so that they also can use this tool and use it for sharing theirs with you. 

Isn't this tool cool . 

Google Input Language
Google Input Language

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