Thursday, September 19, 2013

Your "LIKES" will be Safeguarded by U.S Constitution

A freedom of speech is the most important way a person can share his or her feelings. As a matter of fact, when we see something interesting in Facebook, what we all do is hit a "LIKE" button. Do you know who is watching all this now ????

The recent news discloses the fact that henceforth, all your LIKES will be protected by U.S Constitution's First Amendment.

"Liking" is one emotion that can be shared in Facebook. Basically, when a user hits on the Like button, he is allowing the informative statement that "ABC likes XYZ". What is the use of this change in Facebook? 

Why  is "Like"  Protected ?  
Now you may think that when it is just about hitting like button which is a freedom of sharing someone about the feeling that we liked what he or she has posted. Then why such rules for protecting our likes? The simple answer is to protect illegal things to happen with anybody. No illegal thing is tolerated by Facebook. Latest in the news was the image posted by someone which was not according to the rules and regulations of Facebook. If someone liked that photo who has posted , then both are guilty and committing some illegal matters on the social network. Facebook is very strict in terms of Privacy Policy. 

So, to avoid all these violent actions, to maintain respect towards all , to improve the quality of the Facebook network, all the "Likes"  that you do will be protected by the U. S Constitution.Liking anything and nonsense stuff will be protected and taken care of in a way. Some really hit like for any nonsense issues and which may call for illegal matters.

Liking illegal photos on Facebook will be protected which is a very good way. Some do this . And they get banned and one who likes also gets banned. So to avoid all this nonsense, the U.S law has taken care of all your Likes .

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