Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Add your Geo-Location using "Google Maps" in Contact Tab of Fan page

Business fan pages need a tab for customers to contact them whenever needed. In that case, creating a "Contact Tab" and adding "Google Maps" link is the best way. 

Your fan page will specify your contact details like email and contact number. But to get the geo-location on fan page will be a great way to show map of your exact location. 

Prior to adding Google Maps in fan page, first you have to add "Contact Tab" to your page. To do so: 

  • Go to "Contact Tab" app from Graph Search
  • Now select "Add to your fan page" button 

  • Choose your fan page from the list and hit "Add Page Tab"
  • Now click on "Google Maps" option . Note that the link to Google maps is available in the following sentence: "You can easily show your contact information and business location through Bing or Google Maps."
  • Type the location of your business center in the box and press Enter
  • The location will be flagged in the map besides. 
  • Now click on the "Link" image, i.e.  at the left side. You will get the link to that location on Google maps. 
  • The link to your location on Google maps will be displayed besides on the map. Copy the link of HTML 
  • Now go to your fan page and click on the "Contact tab" to embed this HTML link
  • Paste the link and click "Save Application"
 After completing the full process, your map with the exact location will be flagged when you click on "Contact Tab". 


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