Monday, October 21, 2013

Create "Quiz" in Facebook

Facebook users like to play and enjoy when they are accessing. They come for fun , for sharing, etc. Some people like to make fun of each other, some like to share their recent images and videos, etc. 

If you think of adding some interesting and spicy items in your Facebook page or your timeline, then adding or creating a "Quiz" is the best option. 

Have fun filled, humorous or intelligent quizzes for your friends so that they also can enjoy while scratching their heads to get an answer for your quiz. 

Some IQ tests will assess your friends' knowledge. 

In a way it is just for knowing IQ. You can create a quiz in Facebook fan page too, to engage your visitors and followers for improving your page quality. The visitors will share your page to others and will bring more visitors to your page. 

  • As usual , log in 
  • Type "Quiz Maker" in Facebook Graph Search
  • Then it will ask for your permission for accessing your details
  • Say "OK" and start to quiz creator 
  • Now on the app page, click on "Make a Quiz" to create a new quiz
  • Type title, description and other related details that you want
  • Save the quiz
Let your friends also enjoy the riddles or quizzes in Facebook.

Have you created one ??? Great!!! Just share here too. 

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