Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Facebook Messaging" on Android now with a fresh look and experience

Android users will get an updated Facebook experience with a fresh new look and new items added. 

 What will the updated version present to you

  • To reach friends faster on mobile apps. You can make out with a "Messenger" icon besides the friends' name which relates to the fact that he / she is using Facebook app. Things will be faster in terms of messaging and chatting. 
  • Messaging your non-friends is easier. Your mobile phone contacts may not be your friends in your Facebook account, but you can now message them too with this latest update.
  • A fresh new look
  • Scroll across the top of the app or swipe left and right to see recent conversations and also the list of people whom you messaged.
 What more you will get
  • Photos will get two times faster than previous app
  • It will be easier to share photos, view comments and edit captions
  • View photos with the tags
  • Notifications and messages will be at the top of your screen
  • Menu will appear at the side with items like Groups, News Feed, Apps , Games, etc

To get the app, you need to download the latest app from "Android Market". 
This update will be first tested on with few people and then will be on the floors. 

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