Friday, October 11, 2013

Facebook modifies "Privacy Settings" - Everyone is searchable on Facebook now

Facebook has made some changes in the Privacy settings of its users. Tweaked the settings, due to which now everyone on Facebook is searchable. No one can completely hide themselves.

You must have seen this option in the settings - “Who can look up your Timeline by name?”.
This option will be completely removed in the coming weeks. Now all Facebook users will be searchable with the use of Facebook's Graph Search. Graph search is one such tool on the entire social media sites that allows you to search for anyone with specific interests or likes or posts or comments.

The current "Privacy Settings" is as shown below: 
So now , "Who can look up your Timeline by name?"- its the users whom you have not blocked. 

When you post on your timeline, you can set the post or update for limited users like public, friends, only me and custom settings. 

When you set the post as "Public", that post will be visible and searchable by all through Graph search. 

Posts that you don't want others to see or search should be hidden and set as "Friends" or "only me" or you can use "Custom". 

As stated in my earlier post, Graph search now is making every post in Facebook transparent and all posts with likes and comments are searchable. 
People who have seen this option of "Who can look up your Timeline by name?", have came to know that it was created when Facebook was merely a simple directory of profiles. Means when Facebook was just a new born baby, at that time this setting used to work for searching profiles with names and their timelines. 

Now you may have a question reminding you while reading this post is, "When you will know when the setting is removed?". Answer for your question is that if this option is still available on your Facebook, then you may see a notice on your homepage like this: 
When you see this notice, you can either "Know more" or "Remind Later". 

To avoid this or to make your posts visible only to some set of people, then you can make it so by setting it using the option,"Limit the audience for your posts".

When you set the limitations of the visibility to audience, then you can avoid Facebook Stalking too.

Hence post anything on Facebook, but remember to set "Privacy settings" while hitting the "POST" button.

Your precious comments will help Facebook to know about this change in Privacy settings.

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