Saturday, October 26, 2013

Facebook trick: View your comment made on a post which has 1 billion comments

Facebook lets you like, comment and share for any post you really find interesting. If that post is really a good post then many Facebook users will automatically will comment on it. Commenting will make it more popular post and everyone will find it why it is so popular. 

At the end, that post if gets more than 1 billion comments and you have also commented on it. Can you find your comment later when you are searching for yours out of 1 billion comments? 

The steps that you will take for searching your comment is clicking on "View More comments" option below. But will that option display your comment! Yes if it was the recent one it will definitely display. Moreover "View more comments" option display the next 50 comments and so again you will have to click for that option to search. It is a tedious, time consuming and tiring process.

At that time one option strikes in our mind is "Google". But Facebook has comments and there is no link between your comments in Facebook and Google Search. It is just a weird thought.

But there has to be a solution for finding comments in the heap of comments. 

The best Facebook trick that works in a fraction of a second for finding comments is using "Binary Search".

The steps for finding your comment are :

  • Log in to your Facebook and go to your Timeline 
  • Go to the time of your comment from the activity log and click "Comments"
  • Go to the post on which you commented
  • Press on the time and date 
  • The URL will be{page}/posts/{postID}?comment_id={comment_id}&offset=0&total_comments=1000000
  • You are looking the offset for your comment. As you know it should be between 0 (lower bound) and the number of comments (upper bound, In this case 1 000 000).Offset 0 means the newest post and 1000000 is the oldest post (in this case).

    • Now suppose L denotes the lower bound of offset, U denotes the upper bound and M half way between L and U. The equation (M=(L+U)/2) will solve. 

    • Next remove the comment_id from the URL and change the offset to M. 

    • Then look at the time on the comment there and compare it to the time of your post. 

    Note : If your post is older then the offset is low, if new then offset is high. 

Some find it difficult in finding how to solve this equation. Then finding your comments using "Activity Log" is the best option for them.


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