Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How "Facebook" helped Marie Force to become a best selling author

Do you know who "Marie Force" is ? If you don't know her then here is a short introduction about her. 

Marie Force: A Portsmouth-based author, who has made the New York Times bestseller list twice- in two weeks and with two different books. Many of Marie Force’s e-books and paperback romance novels are set in fictionalized Rhode Island settings such as Gansett Island (Block Island) and Granville (Burrillville).

Some of her novels are listed here: 

  • Marking Time 
  • Starting Over
  • Coming Home
  • Fatal Affair

Here is a story about her, how she used Facebook to become a best selling author. 

From the starter to a best selling author, Facebook has played an important role in Marie Force's life. Facebook has its own feature called as "Groups". Making a group of a particular theme or topic will bring online audience together to share their feelings. Useful for the group creators who will know about what the audience is thinking and feeling about their product.

She began herself into writing in 2002. She is famous for her "Fatal"series of books that are liked by all.She started knowing that Facebook is becoming more popular day by day and that using it will make more readers to read her books and get connected with her. She started a group in Facebook known as "Marie Force Book Talk".

The group started by her is mostly to bring closer her supporters and readers to talk about her books. Her group involves more than 1400 members who actively participate.

Facebook Groups as we all know, is a great place to hangout with our fellow members. While chatting, sharing, commenting, liking, takes place, getting to know others' thoughts makes simple. 

Readers chain themselves with the author and share their thoughts.

So, with the use of Facebook groups, Marie Force has gained her online readers and fellow members too. 

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