Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How Facebook helps Recruiters or Employers

As Facebook helps job seekers and candidates who need a job, likewise, it helps recruiters too for the same. Now there is a new tool launched in Facebook's Graph search that will help employers who are searching for candidates for a specific job. 

The tool is Work4's Graph search tool, which lets recruiters find candidates from Facebook. Present companies know that most of the people are active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

You must have noticed the Graph search at the top of Facebook's screen. This is a powerful tool that searches with a targeted keywords. 

Some may have confusion as to how will employers use this tool for searching candidates !!! But if you go ahead and search for some specific keywords like "Software engineers who live in India" or " people who live in Canada and graduated from so and so University", then it will definitely search for these keywords. 

It has proved to be a best tool for users who search for some people of their likes and  ages. Now it will encourage businessmen, employers and professionals who are seeking some positions in the professional market. 

Hence it has been a revolutionary tool for the recruiters as it allows them to directly find the candidates who fit their jobs. 

There are two new options for Employers and Recruiters for finding the best talent. This has made possible by Facebook's Graph Search and Work4's Graph Search Recruiter

Features of Work4 : 

  • Find and Hire anyone with Facebook's Graph Search
  • Source from the largest talent pool
  • Target right talent
  • Increase candidate quality
  • Showcase your Employer brand
  • Increase candidate conversation
Candidates, talented people who are experienced as well as not so, will gain more exposure with the use of Facebook platform. Employers are searching you and you have to shape up your profile for the next job interview.


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