Monday, October 21, 2013

How to create developer account in Facebook

Facebook has in built apps that you use while accessing. There are some other apps that are created by "Developers" in Facebook. For that the developers have created their own "Developer account" in Facebook.

If you are from "Programming" and software field and want to use your knowledge for creating apps in Facebook, you can do so by setting up as a "Facebook Developer".


Now why this account is created and what actually is the use of "Developer Account" : 

Whenever you see any app, it is customized for the better use for users. If you know some programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, etc, and want to create any app in Facebook, then you should have one "Developer account" in Facebook. 
With the use of this account, you can create different type of apps like games, music, photos, shopping, business, news, health and fitness, sports, travel, utilities, etc. The list doesn't end here.
To create any app in Facebook, the first step is to register a developer account. Some think that for creating an app, you can use a normal Facebook account. But this may lead to risk of exposing your app to your competitors. Better practice to create any app is first register yourself as a "Developer". 

To create or setting up a Developer account in Facebook: 

  • Log In to your normal Facebook account
  • Visit "Developer's Home Page"
  • Click "Register Now"
  • Accept the "Facebook Platform Policies"
  • Next is to verify your account
  • There you have to select your country code and phone number
  • Then confirm them either by text message or receiving a call. Then click on "Continue" button
  • Third step is to select the options of programming languages that you know and what type of apps you can create
  • Click Continue
  • The next step will send you a confirmation email 
After you confirm your account from an email sent to you, then you will be actually be a "Facebook Developer". Now start your journey of creating different types of apps. 


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