Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Improve your News Feed experience by taking a survey in Facebook

Have you ever seen the News Feed sometimes displays unwanted feed. In that some are interesting but they are literally unwanted. 

Unwanted feeds can be improved for your better experience in Facebook. The best option is to take a survey for informing which feeds are more interesting and which are not. For this you have to rate the type of ads when prompted. 

Here is a simple option for giving the feedback to Facebook. 


  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Select any post which is unwanted , bring the mouse cursor on the posts' top right corner arrow
  • Click on that arrow
  • Select the "Take a survey to improve News Feed" option (hover your cursor)
  • It will display a series of posts (1-10)  where you have to select the best rating 
  • One by one you have to rate with the help of your cursor

So now you can change the way Facebook displays unwanted feeds for you by taking the survey. The ratings will know more about your dislikes and those types of posts will not be shown henceforth. 


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